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Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aids work differently depending on the electronics used. The two main types of electronics are analog and digital.

Analog aids convert sound waves into electrical signals, which are amplified. Analog/adjustable hearing aids are custom built to meet the needs of each user. The aid is programmed by the manufacturer according to the specifications recommended by your audiologist. Analog/programmable hearing aids have more than one program or setting. An audiologist can program the aid using a computer, and the user can change the program for different listening environments—from a small, quiet room to a crowded restaurant to large, open areas, such as a theater or stadium. Analog/programmable circuitry can be used in all types of hearing aids.

Digital aids convert sound waves into numerical codes, similar to the binary code of a computer, before amplifying them. Because the code also includes information about a sound’s pitch or loudness, the aid can be specially programmed to amplify some frequencies more than others. Digital circuitry gives an audiologist more flexibility in adjusting the aid to a user’s needs and to certain listening environments. These aids also can be programmed to focus on sounds coming from a specific direction. Digital circuitry can be used in all types of hearing aids.

Keeping Up With The Latest Technology And Innovations

Some aspects of hearing and hearing aids may change very little over a period of time, but technology does change very rapidly in this fast paced world in which we live. This is also certainly very true of hearing aid technology. Improvements are constantly being made in the sound quality, fitting comfort, ease of maintenance and cosmetic aspects of hearing aids.

In addition, by employing some of the latest technology it is now possible to stream stereo sound wirelessly from your cellphone, TV, audio system or MP3 player right to your hearing aids. At Centers for Hearing we can keep you fully informed of these new technical advancements and make sure that you receive their full benefits. Contact us to keep abreast of the latest innovations that may be applicable to your special hearing requirements and needs.