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Testing for Hearing Loss

Periodic testing for hearing loss is an important aspect of health checkups for people of all ages and should never be neglected, especially if a hearing loss is suspected.

An appointment should be made with a Hearing Health Care Professional, properly trained and qualified to identify and measure hearing loss, who will perform a hearing test to assess the type and degree of loss. The testing procedure for hearing loss is comfortable, painless and safe. It involves answering questions about your hearing health, an examination of your ears to determine if there's an accumulation of wax or some obstruction, and a hearing test.

The hearing test takes place in a sound treated booth. It will test your ability to recognize everyday words at different volume levels, and your ability to identify different sounds or tones while using earphones to conduct sound to one ear at a time. Your ability to hear each tone, or frequency, is recorded as a unique hearing pattern on an audiogram. The Hearing Health Care professional can then use this audiogram to determine the type and severity of the hearing loss. These tests help determine whether a hearing loss is best treated medically, or with hearing aids.

The Hearing Health Care Professional can help you determine if a hearing aid, or even two hearing aids, is the right treatment for you. Wearing two hearing aids may help balance sounds, improve your understanding of words in noisy situations, and make it easier to locate the source of sounds. Making sure our hearing is functioning as well as possible can help us lead much fuller, comfortable, happier and profitable lives.