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Audiology Services

Hearing Center | Merrillville, IN | Danville, IN | Valparaiso, INRoss Hearing Center offers comprehensive audiological evaluations and is a provider for most insurance. While many physicians refer their patients for evaluation and follow-up, physician referral is not necessary. In fact, in today's cost conscious environment, many people now opt to seek the hearing evaluation first, followed by a referral to their physician when necessary.

In situations where comprehensive audiological evaluation indicates that hearing aids or assistive hearing devices would be beneficial, it is possible to select from a wide range of styles. We carry a complete selection of hearing aids. Styles range from behind-the-ear hearing aids to tiny completely-in-the-canal hearing aids that tuck so far down in the ear canal as to be nearly invisible. Circuits range from linear hearing aids suitable primarily for quiet listening environments, to the most sophisticated digital hearing aids utilizing computer chips and artificial intelligence to constantly and instantly adjust to changes in sound while maintaining a comfortable listening level even in high demand noisy listening environments.

Proper and thorough consultation on the selection of aids best suited for each individual's specific needs and requirements are of the utmost importance. We offer such consultation, based on our wide experience, vast resources and the latest technology.

We work with a variety of manufacturers so we are able to choose the brand and type of hearing aid that is best suited for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. 

Our careful and skilled fitting, programming and performance evaluation of your hearing aids, once they have been selected, are of equivalent importance. This, along with our consultation on the correct use, maintenance and care of your hearing aids assure the best hearing assistance possible. We also offer a special Total Listening Care (TLC) package for your hearing aids - for all makes and models of hearing aids - regardless of where purchased. It takes care of ALL of your hearing aid maintenance needs and includes:

  • FREE BATTERIES for the LIFE of your Hearing Aid
  • FREE quarterly DEEP CLEANING of your Hearing Aid -- Includes vacuum cleaning to improve clarity and promote longevity
  • FREE ADJUSTMENT of hearing aid including Re-Programming to reflect changes in hearing or preferences
  • TLC will mean "TENDER LOVING CARE" for you as well as "TOTAL LISTENING CARE" for your hearing aids!
  • In addition to our other services we offer hearing aid batteries and other auxiliary items, as well as assistive hearing devices and a complete line of custome earmolds for noise protection, swimmers, musicians and shooters.